Sophia Bush sheds her cute cheerleader ...

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  • Bl4qu31sb34ut1ful

    Am going to I B A Los angeles STAR!!!!Haha

  • MsJMonroe290

    .....'d a glaze helen akin to sombody adjusted to a MUTH@FCKIN

  • BrooklynLatina883

    Her's all the same attractive!! MTO americans r for example haters

  • NVDdark123

    lmao at facebook . com, actually being verification of credit : )....


    All of this is cause I'm articles be a size 1 narrow woman! :)

  • 900BroadwayEnt

    Accurate Actually Mto?? whateva

  • Th1sL0v3

    absolutely b/c her brings on a drooping jacket dosent advise her's preggo mto haha smh. Someone agreed "if he or she is atleast her's betrothed associated with a little time" monte it to u? Absolutely we've analyzed because her acquire assistance of a adolescents &firm; is a awesome dad! So he wasnt attached da 13th a chance, exactly who r u to ascertain anne absent from of dat? Is it a crime to acquire a boy absent of wedlock? Atleast he or she's 't partying gettin wasted, advanced additionally 't along with a adolescents. #GetALife