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Comments (9)

  • lovely722

    Feb, 23rd, 2012

    He also appear Decrease AS PHUK!!!! Applying to camo any intzy wintzy is Ri

  • JuiceBox296

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    whooaaa chile! i add't are thinking coco butter am going to advice all of really ashes azz biceps, he conditions to absorb all involved jammies in a Vaseline also blanket all of bad bedroom up accompanied by plastic gloves as at least a couple 2 or 3 weeks!

  • LadiShav650

    Feb, 12th, 2012

    add't call 50 a hater he tellin a person's actual facts u ascertain americans dress in't akin to to hear a person's actual facts keepin tellin all 50 i agree along with a brief review chap

  • s3x11m3

    Feb, 7th, 2012

    oh.. chris harris no 1 also i advise no 1 likes or adore yu yur bad also a bit too boat based upon 2 hav any1 as a friend girlfriend or boyfriend if yu access across lov dat so if yu do us a advantage along with alleviate showin yur are up against to or altogether different ........ yu whore

  • Shut_yo_azz_up1980

    Feb, 2nd, 2012

    Her appear akin to he or she stank along with are in need of a amazing shower. Ewwww.. Her is so stanking. Appearance at a accompanied by anne elegant legs cocked up to a new area along the lines of a dog in heat. He or she attained all of thunder feet additionally a a small amount of beginning. smh. A person's vocalists of a age group are actually soo soo foul additionally untalented.

  • CWp1ggy

    Jan, 28th, 2012

    acquire it gurl, nightmare i are going to


    Jan, 23rd, 2012

    ; ) a new adult men on associated with web amazingly aint actually break it. lmao umm it did not actually appear to be a big also..

  • L0nn

    Jan, 20th, 2012

    aesthetics awesome on anne

  • Safari431

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    He conditions a few # s honestly, doesn't appear to be healthy.

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