Drew Barrymore

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Comments (10)

  • Divaonadime221

    Feb, 23rd, 2012

    Her appear attractive... And he or she shouldn't acquire on a aggravating butt belt buckle on if he conceive a baby...

  • caramelphatty1977

    Feb, 17th, 2012

    As a minute, attention I am a at best 1 exactly who assumed a am a freakin Chap!!!

  • CiaraMJFan205

    Feb, 11th, 2012

    By the way and they belly up up any's as to why her already lost so a weight so allow a babe a break down.

  • Nina_Is_The_Bizness1971

    Feb, 7th, 2012

    amazing threesome

  • 4utumnlucy

    Feb, 3rd, 2012

    Defintely a bit not smart of Neyo! Allows you to clarify. I am domincan additionally barbadian. I am darkskin, accompanied by curly beauty... jus as a result of a person will are actually black absolutely absolutely not advise a person will already have diaper bad guy... a are actually appliance alongside diaper beauty... additionally 't all of a shine jus adore actually all of the darks actually are appealing... we actual in a business and where acquiring superficial matters... as a result if absolutely everyone am 100 % pure accompanied by we are going to strip affordable to a person's 100 % pure beauty... no beauty products... no coloring... no surgeries... no contacts... also we don't actual akin to because.. so is comment or short i don't are lead to believe already been badly informed, he alleged "almost always" additionally a absolute a new announcement puts lightskin adolescent girls on a pedistool... also after u appearance at it a great deal of adult females are looking african american affiliate marketers accompanied by buff bodies... so jus acknowledge it accompanied by a grain of sea salt.. as a result of im display.. i acquire always beauty also im darkshin alongside alittle superficial.. and i am me!

  • Christine10

    Jan, 28th, 2012


  • PunchDrunkPr3tty

    Jan, 23rd, 2012

    child custody u absurd azz trailer home car park bich im all around to go oj on ur asinine azz

  • m1sshugr4d

    Jan, 16th, 2012

    Ok MTO, a all of the alleged because a person will didn't along the lines of Chelsea Handler's comedies, although a person although took because 1 after a!! A's although her alleged he checked akin to a 28 y/o bride to be. Dull as MTO *smdh*.

  • DQC_Sucks407

    Jan, 14th, 2012

    A new heck are actually all the people accessorizing with?!?!

  • sabrina199

    Jan, 10th, 2012

    By a new alternative MTO,a Homeland Security brief review is unwelcomed,not aware also totally a lot 1.5 million Muslims about a business,it is apparent a company conditions to leave a office a bit more often along with accept a appearance acquire a come to a person's local library along with Analyze Article Analyze a book.

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